Seminar on Stock market trading & Investment.

Time:11 AM to 12:30 PM

Workshop of Self Software Trading

This is a special workshop that is conducted by MMIFM every month for 1 week. This workshop focuses on the training of softwares LIKE NOW, ODIN, NEAT, NEST TRADER. The purpose of this workshop is to train the candidates for self trading. People who want to trade by themselves and do not want to be dependent on broker calling for trading purposes.
This workshop utilizes original softwares used by real time traders and investors for trading and investing in the market. As online softwares are late in response hence we do not train anyone in online based softwares used by different brokers.
we use original HFT softwares. This workshop also trains the candidates in mobile trading also. After taking this workshop the candidate can trade themselves, monitor their profit and losses live, and check their open positions by themselves.


  • Current market traders and investors.
  • Offline traders and investors.
  • People looking for traders jobs in the markets.

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