Seminar on Stock market trading & Investment.

Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Inspiring and great career opportunities are around every corner of the world, whether you’re just starting or if you are a working experienced person. In this world which is filled with great career opportunities, Financial Markets is an un explored sector in the world of jobs and employments, hence filled with great career opportunities. The problem with the financial world is that people or students still don't know and are ignorant what all financial careers exist for them.
We at MMIFM not only teach you Financial Markets but also make you a financial professional, so that you may invest and work for yourself or you may take a great, inspiring and challenging career in the world of Finance. The different career opportunities that you have in the financial markets can be listed down as follows -:

  • Research Analyst
    • Technical.
    • Fundamental.
  • Traders.
  • Risk Managers.
  • Arbitragers.
  • Algo Traders.
  • Quant Traders.
  • KYC Professional.
  • Depository Professional.
  • Portfolio Manager.
  • Fund Managers.
  • Compliance.
And many more....

We at MMIFM will guide you in determining which career you should pursue according to your interest and skills, so that you can have a great career in the Financial World.

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