Seminar on Stock market trading & Investment.

Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Executive Diploma in Capital Market Trading & Operations (CCMT)


In recent times the need for smart executives has sharply grown in the field of finance from brokerage to insurance to banking. This Program is designed to meet the growing demands for traders, investment advisors, business developers, client relationship managers and entrepreneurs in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity & Currency market segment. Participants get an excellent exposure of trading through different analytical software and extensive hands-on training on simulated software on NSE/ BSE/ F&O/NCDEX.
Avoid expensive trading blunders with this hand-on course designed to make proficient traders and investment advisors. Developed by MoneyMakers Financials, and by expert market practitioners, the invaluable lessons learned in this course save our student’s and client’s thousands of rupees in trading and investment outlook mistakes.


  • Structure of stock markets and how they function
  • Key features of equity derivatives including examples and calculations
  • Trading exposure in commodity & currency derivatives
  • Practical hands-on practice and demonstration of simulated trading environment
  • Trading techniques
  • Application of client relationship management techniques
  • Personality development & business communication skills
  • Capital Market Certification Capital, Derivatives & Currency Markets


The aim of this course is to create Capital market professionals by giving strong fundamental knowledge and the most modern job-oriented practical training.


  • Overview of Indian Financial Markets
    • Introduction - Indian Financial System.
    • Capital market.
    • Role played by various financial sectors.
    • Primary & Secondary Market.
  • Equity Market & Trading Mechanism
    • Overview of the Indian Securities Market.
    • Market Index & Basics of stock market.
    • Clearing and Settlement.
    • Trading Membership.
    • Margin Trading.
    • Corporate Actions.
    • Fundamental Valuation Concepts.
  • Derivatives Trading & Operations
    • Introduction to Derivative.
    • Applications of Futures & Options.
    • Trading.
    • Clearing & Settlement.
  • Commodities Market Operations
    • Commodity Derivative.
    • Trading platform - NCDEX.
    • Pricing commodity futures.
    • Types of commodity traded.
    • Live trading in commodity market.
  • Currency Market Operations
    • Foreign Exchange Derivatives.
    • Strategies Using Currency Futures.
    • Trading Platform.
    • Clearing, Settlement & Risk Management.
    • Code of Conduct & Investor Protection measures.
    • Live trading in currency market.
  • Technical Analysis- Beginners
    • Introduction to technical analysis.
    • Charts & patterns.
    • Candlestick theory and analysis.
    • Trend and trend lines.
    • Different types of indicators.
    • Trading psychology.
  • Relationship & Sales Management
    • Analyze Target Audiences .
    • Lead generation .
    • Sales call Process.
    • Competitors Analysis .
    • Need analysis.
    • Techniques of face-to-face meeting.
    • Building relationships.
    • Handling client queries .
    • Objection handling.
    • Closing the deal - handling client resistance.
    • Gaining commitment.
    • Leads analysis.
    • When and how often to follow-up.
    • Measuring the stability of relationship.
    • Customer Expectations and service quality.

Training - Weekdays / Weekends

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