24 Feb 2018 Seminar on Stock market trading & Investment.

Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Advance Course In Algo Trading


High Frequency Trading or Algorithmic Trading is one of the most lucrative careers making its space in the finance industry. The Indian financial markets are going through a change after allowance of quantitative & algorithmic trading. This completely changed the skill set required to be a successful trader.
Algo trading is an automated facility where trading is carried out by computer driven algorithms designed by traders. Instead of the traders manually doing so, it is these algorithms that determine which orders - to buy or to sell - get booked. The high speed transactions executes within microseconds at which such trading takes place, which gives it a competitive advantage over conventional manual trading.
Algorithmic Trading is the platform where ideas are turned into models and then placed into the computer software for systematic trading. Algorithmic Trading refers to any form of trading using sophisticated algorithms (programmed systems) to automate all or some part of the trade cycle. This usually involves learning, dynamic planning, reasoning, and decision taking.
With international financial giants, relying heavily on automated trading for optimum fund management, setting up operations in the country and an ever-increasing number of domestic traders beginning to adopt this internationally popular format, the demand for talented professionals who possess the specialized skills is growing at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, there is a sharp rise in the number of banks and financial institutions in India who are customizing their algorithms to differentiate from their competitors. The increased market fragmentation and expansion of cross-asset trading is laying the foundation for next generation trading in India.


  • Learn the concepts of High Frequency Trading with simple and easy investing methods.
  • To learn the high end concepts of Algo Trading.
  • Learn the 2 domains of Algo Trading - Strategic & Code Development.
  • Understand the concept of hedged trading.s
  • Learn the use of high end softwares used in Algo Trading.
  • Automate Trading in no time.
  • Help you understand the concept of price manipulation.
  • Understand the concept of Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management.
  • Key features of equity derivatives including examples and calculations.
  • Learn the concepts of strategic option trading.
  • Live Arbitrage and Algo trading software.
  • Practical hands-on practice and demonstration of simulated trading environment.
  • Trading techniques.
  • Combine your skills of Arbitrage with Technical Analysis.
  • Gain the skills of jobbing.
  • Application of client relationship management techniques.
  • Personality development & business communication skills.
  • Live case studies & projects.


This course has been designed for everybody (students, traders or investors) who are serious about becoming a professional or want to participate in the wealth of the market. This can be taken by Graduates/ Post-graduates, Working professionals / Traders/ Investors/ Brokers/ Sub brokers/ MBA and all HNI interested in investing in the market.
The students must have the complete knowledge of trading in derivatives market and understand the key concepts of Futures & options Market.


  • Features of Algo Trading.
  • Advantage of Algo Trading.
  • Basic Terms Used in Algo Trading.
  • Basic Trading in Algo Market
    • Futures & Options
    • Greeks
    • Pay Offs of Derivatives
    • Clearing & Settlement
  • Trading Strategies.
  • Calendar Spread Hedging.
  • Live Software Understanding and Trading.
  • Strategies
    • Put Call Parity
    • Protective Put
    • Covered Call
    • Delta Hedging
    • Conversion/Reversal
    • Butterfly
    • Ratio Trading
    • Straddle
    • Strangle
    • Collar
    • Bull Call Spread Strategy
    • Bull Put Spread Strategy
    • Bear Call Spread
    • Bear Put Spread
    • Long Call Condor
    • Short Call Condor
    • Delta Hedging
    • Delta Neutral
    • Implied Volatility
  • Interexchange Markets
    • Cash to Futures
    • Futures to Cash
    • Futures to Futuress
    • Overview of Currency Markets
    • Overview of Commodity Markets
  • Chart Patterns
    • Ascending Triangle
    • Descending Triangle
    • Symmetrical Triangle
    • Flag or Pennants
    • Head & Shoulder
    • Rising and Falling Wedges
    • Cup & Handle
    • Double Top and Double Bottom
  • Technical Indicators
    • Simple Moving Average
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Moving Average Convergence Divergence
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Quantitative Models
    • Black-Scholes Model
    • Binomial Model
    • Arch Model
    • Garch Model
  • Real-Time Trading
    • Strategy + Technical Indicators
    • Quant-Based Trading
    • Volatility Trading

Training - Weekdays / Weekends

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