24 Feb 2018 Seminar on Stock market trading & Investment.

Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Advance Futures & Options Trading Strategies


Certification in Option Strategies is the most relevant course for current market participants who would like to upgrade their existing skill-set and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Indian financial services. Options are one of the forefront products which have gained strong prominence in the near future. With the evolution of equity, commodities and currency markets in India, exchange traded Options, owing to its characteristic of risk aversion, will witness high interest from the varied cross sections of the society. This course promises to create the most relevant and practical knowledge base on the subject for the participants.
An option, in the international arena, is a highly accepted and regarded derivative product, just like an insurance policy. The Option Strategist continues to be an essential investing tool for novices and experts alike. Option trading has many advantages over other investment vehicles. Trading in option contracts can give an investor the flexibility to place bets on very specific market outcomes.


  • Understand the concept of Futures & options.
  • Learn to trade with combination of Futures & Options.
  • How to build & execute option strategies.
  • Concept of bullish, bearish & neutral option Strategies.
  • Building excels projects to determine maximum loss and minimum profit.
  • Understand the art of trader & investor psychology.
  • What is the cycle of greed, fear & hope.


This course has been designed for everybody (students, traders or investors) who are serious about becoming a professional or want to participate in the wealth of the market. This can be taken by Post-graduates, Working professionals / Traders/ Investors/ Brokers/ Sub brokers/ MBA.
Previous knowledge of Futures & Options trading, clearing & settlement is a must to take this training program.


  • Introduction to Future & Options.
  • Overview of Options Terminology
    • Call & Put
    • ITM, ATM, OTM
    • Intrinsic Value & Time Value
  • Understanding the option buying & Selling Concept.
  • Hedging through Options.
  • Options Payoffs
    • Payoff profile of buyer of asset: Long asset
    • Payoff profile for seller of asset: Short asset
    • Payoff profile for buyer of call options: Long call
    • Payoff profile for writer (seller) of call options: Short call
    • Payoff profile for buyer of put options: Long put
    • Payoff profile for writer (seller) of put options: Short put
  • Options Strategies
    • Vanilla Call
    • Vanilla Put
      • Strategy 1:   Long call
      • Strategy 2:   Short call
      • Strategy 3:   Synthetic long call
      • Strategy 4:   Long put
      • Strategy 5:   Short put
      • Strategy 6:   Covered call
      • Strategy 7:   Long combo
      • Strategy 8:   Protective call
      • Strategy 9:   Covered put
      • Strategy 10: Long straddle
      • Strategy 11: Short straddle
      • Strategy 12: Long strangle
      • Strategy 13: Short strangle
      • Strategy 14: Collar
      • Strategy 15: Bull call spread strategy
      • Strategy 16: Bull put spread strategy
      • Strategy 17: Bear call spread Strategy
      • Strategy 18: Bear put spread strategy
      • Strategy 19: Long call butterfly
      • Strategy 20: Short call butterfly
      • Strategy 21: Long call condor
      • Strategy 22: Short call condor

Training - Weekdays / Weekends

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